COMPELIS Cookie Policy

Last Update: November 2, 2021

This document details the type and the intended usage of cookies used by Compelis Dashboard; as well as general information about managing and deleteing cookies.

You can visit our public web site in order to get information about our products and services, without giving any personal information. However, if you register with Compelis System and login to our Dashboard, we will register some cookies on your device in order to access to your last login information and some preferences you have set in our Dashboard. The purpose of storing cookies is to provide a smoother user experience while using our products.

We recommend you read and understand the contents of this document prior to registering to our Platform.

1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small size text files stored on your computer or mobile device by your web browser when you visit a website. Cookies facilitate a website to run more efficiently, as well as providing a better user experience via presentation of personalized web pages. Cookies stores only some information related to previous visits to web sites. They have no access to the files stored in your computer or mobile device.

2. Cookie Types and Intended Usages

There are two types of cookies, namely "Persistent" and "Temporary" Cookies, depending on the validity time thereof. Temporary cookies are generated at the time you visit a website and are valid and in vigor only until you close your browser. Persistent (or permanent) cookies are generated upon your visit to the internet website and remain thereat until they are deleted by the user or they are expired. Persistent cookies are used for providing personalized experience while using the web sites.

2.1 Strictly Necessary Cookies

These type of cookies are required for our Platform to function correctly. Certain functions such as user authentication, storing some information related to you current session are handled using these type of cookies. Necessary Cookies are NOT used for any marketing purpose.

2.2 Functionality Cookies

These cookies are used to remember the Dashboard preferencesset by the user. Language preference and, last username and password used to login (if Remeber Me option is set), and your chat history with our support team are good examples for this type of cookies. Should you prefer to disallow the usage of these cookies, certain function of our Platform may not function as intended.

2.3 Performance and Analysis Cookies

These types of cookies help us to improving our products. They are instrumental for identifying whether our software runs correctly, as well as general usage tendencies of our users.

2.4 Targeting and Marketing Cookies

These cookies are used to promote products and services websites, to display relevant and personalized advertisement to users, and to measure efficiency of advertisement campaigns. COMPELIS DOES NOT USE TARGETING AND MARKETING COOKIES.

3. How Id Cookie Data Collected?

The data to be saved in a cookie is collected by the device us access to a web site. Any cookie is specific to the device on which it is collected and stored. If you access to the same web site using a different device, the cookies will not be availabe to the new device. Cookies can be deleted by the user at will and a cofiguration can be set to the effect not to accept any more cookies for the device.

4. How Can Cookies Be Managed?

You can always deleted cookies stored on a device. You can also set your device not to accept a type of or all cookies afterwards.

Almost all internet browsers, by default, are set to accept cookies, however they all provide a facility to manage the cookie settings. Please check the help section of your browser on how to manage cookies.

Almost all browsers will give you the facility to do below:

If you choose to delete the cookies, this will delete the information stored in the cookies as well. Additionally, if you choose to deny cookies, certain functions of several digital platforms including Compelis may not function in the way it is intended.

The web browsers, by default, are set to accept all cookies. Every browser, however, have a function to manage cookie settings. Every browser has a different way of managing cookies. For detailed information, please check the help facilities of the browser you use.

5. Privacy Policy

Your privacy and your rights to have a safe browsing experience are important to us. You can view our Privacy Policy document here.